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UGG identify teacher
Want to lose a lot of beautiful pair of genuine UGG boots, UGG then How to identify what is true, I'm here to teach you the recipe for Oh!

1. UGG fur one

This is the world's top snow boots material imported by the Australian wool sheep with whole natural production, absorb sweat, not wet feet, warm but not burning feet. Fur one has many different kinds, mixed, divided into A +, A, B, C four grades.

Comparison of soft fur and large good, looks great texture, but there are certain toughness and hardness, low-quality shoes and a coat put directly on the ground lying on the ground can not stand up, as has been through the same.

Another good comparison with the thickness of fur is very dense, poor quality of the fur sparse, and want the same hair off too.

2. UGG leather wool

This leather wool sheepskin snow boots is to not deal with directly through the complex compound in the skin on. These boots mainly to see the wool quality, there must be a soft density, identification fart, like one with the fur. Only one coat is quite a complex process into a complex technology, the cost of more expensive, the price is also higher than leather wool to the high. Currently have the ability to produce quality fur UGG counter one of the manufacturers are very few, so can imagine the amount. So remind YUYU are those of a hundred or even tens of dollars of claims UGG boots, to be psychologically prepared before buying Oh!

3. UGG wool blend leather +

Here are special wool blend, because it has a wool content ratio which, of course, the higher the wool content, the better the quality, if it is 100% wool blend, in effect, all wool, processed wool that comparison with tension, easy shaping.

Identification of true and false wool is mainly used for composition and combustion experiment, really wool, great smell after burning is the smell of burning hair (you can use your own hair or the hair of dogs and cats do reference), burn can be burnt to ashes after all, if there is a great pungent taste, it contains the chemical raw materials (plastic bags can burn a reference), and burn very quickly, the more knots the ashes, the less wool components.

Less than 3 points can distinguish between true and false of UGG boots. Finally I wish MM had a good bed of roses to buy boots Oh!uggfans
 Jul 19 2012

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