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Save Money by Identifying and Avoiding Ugg Knockoff Designs
Ugg boots are a type of designer style of boot made of Australian sheepskin and originating in the southern hemisphere. The Ugg boot name is also the trademarked brand for the UGG boots brand, a designer boot fashion branch. Typically, Ugg boots can be very expensive (like most designer footware fashions). However, some individuals try to save their money by finding and buying fake Ugg boots. It's important to note that knock-off imitation designer Uggs don't look like real Ugg boots. Also, trying to buy fake Uggs may be illegal in your area. Learn how to spot, find and identify fake Ugg boots so you are not duped into buying cheap, fake Uggs that fall apart after you've worn them twice.

How to Spot Fake Ugg Boots: Know Thy Seller!

Identify and research the seller of the Ugg boots that you're interested in buying. Various Internet websites and webpages that are hotspots for selling designer clothing and designer fashion, such as the eBay auction website, are known to be notorious as a website where sellers try to get market and sell fake designer clothing knockoffs. If you're trying to buy Uggs online, the shoes have a higher chance of being fake. Conversely, designer Ugg boots being sold in a department store like Nordstroms or Macy's are typically real and genuine. However, this rule isn't steadfast. You may actually find real Ugg boots on eBay for a cheaper price. Just be wary.

How to Identify Fake Ugg Boots: Is the Price Too Good to be True?

Check the price tag on the Ugg boots that you want to buy. If the price for the Ugg shoes are too good to be true, it probably isn't the real thing. Ugg boots are made of high-quality fabrics and can be very expensive and pricey. For example, classic Ugg boots start at about $60 and some more complex designs can cost up to $199. A very cheap pair of Ugg boots may mean the Uggs are fake, counterfeit designer Ugg boots.
 Jul 19 2012

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