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Truth about UGGs
Having just read the review from Caroline Bailes,I am confused by her statement: Real Uggs are made in Australia. The trademark is a large UGG with Australia underneath, on a stitched label on the back of the heel.

Indeed, real Uggs are made in Australia, however, the brand bearing the label described by Ms Bailes are made in China by the US company Deckers. Stitched inside Ugg Australia boots, approximately half way down, is a label: Made In China!! I am constantly amazed that the majority of Ugg Australia owners are blissfully unaware of the fact, thinking they are wearing the real thing!

There are numerous manufacturers of genuine Uggs in Australia, each with their own logo labels. I have been selling Australian Jumbo Ugg Boots in the UK for the past 4 years. I buy direct from the Aussie manufacturers make sure my customers are aware of the difference between genuine Aussie Uggs those made in China.

I advise online Ugg buyers to check who the manufacturer is, where they're located, before ordering from overseas.
 Jul 19 2012

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