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Entertainment Trends
1.New digital technologies will reshape the economics, production, distribution, and marketing of the entertainment industry.
2.Traditional media enterprises must learn to adapt new Internet and computer technologies to maintain competitiveness.
3.The convergence of the Net with TVs, telephones, kiosks, autos, and wireless devices will create many new media channels.
4.On-demand interactive entertainment content that is personalized for our preferences will be a standard feature.
5.Advanced virtual reality bundled with digital agents and holographic entertainment worlds will transform our experience of entertainment.
6.Movie theaters will receive digital broadcasts and satellite downloads of movies, video conferencing, and other interactive programming.
7.Faster, smarter, and more powerful multimedia communications devices will enhance our capacity for producing and distributing entertainment.
8.Digital TV will provide new programs where we will experience real-time participation with the media content, personalities, and shows.
9.Edutainment, the merger of entertainment and education, will offer a new genre of programming that will be greatly in demand.
10.Nontraditional entertainment producers, empowered by Power Tools, will change the industry, offering new products, channels, and innovations.
 Jun 25 2012

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